The Family Behind the Smile


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THE BOYAJIANS: The Family Behind the Smile


The Boyajians started their dental businesses in the United States in the early ‘70s.  It all began when Boyajian Dental Laboratory was established in West Virginia by the two brothers, Drs. Gregory and Ben Boyajian.  Later the family business expanded to include a dental office and dental laboratory in Charlottesville, Virginia operated by their brother, Dr. Simon Boyajian, a Boston University-trained prosthodontist.  Two more brothers also opened dental labs; Joseph, Artistic Dental Laboratory in Pennsylvania and Karnig, Peerless Dental Laboratory in Massachusetts.  The brothers’ father and uncle, both dentists, inspired the boys to follow the same path.


The story of how the Boyajians arrived in Palm Beach is a true American success story.  After ten years of operating his dental laboratory with his wife, Jessica, and five other employees, Dr. Boyajian entered dental school.  After completing dental school, Dr. Boyajian started his private practice in addition to continuing to operate his thriving laboratory.  Shortly thereafter, he was asked to join the faculty of West Virginia University School of Dentistry as a Clinical Instructor in Prosthodontics.  After six years in practice, Dr. Boyajian wanted to continue his research and education, and made another big decision to attend the University of Florida to specialize in Prosthodontics.  “My specialty requires three years of advanced education beyond four years of dental school,” explains Dr. Boyajian.  As part of his advanced training, Dr. Boyajian sought the opportunity to do research at the University of Florida Department of Biomaterials.  Under the guidance of Drs. Clark and Anusavice, he studied the physical characteristics of modern dental ceramics (porcelain).  His research culminated in presenting his conclusions to the prestigious Academy of Dental Materials.  The highest honor he received was from Dr. Anusavice himself when the author acknowledged Boyajian’s contribution of the term “ultra-low fusing ceramic” in the 10th Edition of Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials.  This term helped to distinguish a new class of ceramics from its predecessors and paved the way for more advanced studies in the field of dental ceramics which are at the heart of cosmetic dentistry.   


Upon graduation, Dr. Boyajian moved his practice, laboratory and family to South Florida.  He has been operating his dental practice in Palm Beach on Peruvian Avenue for nearly 12 years in the House of Kahn Via.  “When I met Mr. and Mrs. Kahn of the House of Kahn in October 1996, we shook hands and the rest is history.  The Kahns have been very supportive of me and my family.”


Last year the practice had a wonderful new addition.  Dr. Jennifer R. Boyajian, who graduated with Highest Honors from Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine, joined her mother and father as a third-generation dentist.  “Jennifer was my dental hygienist five years ago,” her father explains.  “On her own she decided to pursue her doctoral degree in dentistry.  Naturally I encouraged her and I remember sharing these words with her. ‘Jennifer, the next four years will be extremely tough, but when you are finished, I want you to be my teacher and my mentor.  You are the future.’ She not only surpassed my expectations, but put all her efforts into the practice from day one, bringing numerous new technologies to the office as well as providing invaluable advice in dental medicine.”  Recently one of their patients developed a serious condition that required the utmost attention.  Jennifer’s data collection and diagnosis were instrumental in arranging for their patient to be seen immediately in a world-renowned medical facility.  Both the patient and spouse contacted the office to express their deepest gratitude. 


Immediately after graduation, Dr. Jennifer Boyajian enrolled in a year-long extensive course in implant dentistry to cover all aspects of the field, including the surgical, restorative, and cosmetic phases, as well as the treatment of implant failures.  Despite her heavy schedule, she became certified in the Invisalign® system to provide her clients with an alternative to conventional braces in order to correct malpositioned teeth.  “Every day I am reminded of how fortunate we are to have Jennifer take this practice to a new level.  We will be working together here for a long time to come.  As Jim Sheeran phrased it in his book, Palm Beach: Power & Glory, Wit & Wisdom, “CLASS appreciates the fact that this life kneels before the next.”

Ann Rinehart is now the office’s dental hygienist.  “For five consecutive years, Ann has contributed tremendously to the smooth operation of this practice.  She is a wonderful member of our team and has a great relationship with our patients.”


Since coming to Palm Beach, Boyajian Dental Laboratory has been limited to serving only the patients of Drs. Gregory and Jennifer with its services.  “It is a highly specialized operation run by my wife, Jessica.  We have been working together for nearly 35 years.  She quickly learns new techniques and sets an even higher standard of excellence using her artistic and scientific education,” Gregory explains.  “Jessica produces world-class cosmetic restorations – crowns, veneers, bridges, implant restorations, ceramic inlays, etc. – as well as beautiful traditional removable partials and dentures.” 


The laboratory is the backbone of the practice.  It uses the highest quality and most advanced dental materials and techniques.  Having the laboratory exclusively committed to the practice, Drs. Gregory and Jennifer can provide their clients not only with great personalized service, but also with the expediency that the modern lifestyle demands – whether they are treating one tooth or the entire mouth.  “Our patients are pleased at how fast we can provide our services and at a level of quality that meets their expectations.” 


Dr. Boyajian has always valued the importance of community – it comes from his upbringing.  “There is a classic Armenian saying, ‘Where you earn your bread, you stay.’  The community that provides you with the means to make your livelihood also deserves your selfless contribution,” explains Dr. Boyajian.  When asked about their charitable contributions in Palm Beach, he answers, “It’s in the Bible.  ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”  Dr. Boyajian is currently serving on the Board of the Deaf Service Center of Palm Beach County which works to serve deaf and hard-of-hearing children and adults.  He is the Immediate Past President of the Greater South County Road Association, an organization dedicated to serving the businesses, merchants, and professionals of the Greater South County Road area.  He is also grateful for the opportunity he was given to have served on the Board of the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce“I still believe that my best contribution to the Palm Beach community is having my four children put roots in this area,” says Dr. Boyajian.  Rebecca, a University of Florida graduate, was awarded a full academic scholarship to attend Nova Southeastern University School of Law.  She served as an Article Editor of Nova Law Review before earning her J.D. degree, magna cum laude.  She currently practices law with the real estate group of Holland & Knight in West Palm Beach.


Dr. and Mrs. Boyajian’s younger children are Natalie and AlexNatalie is now earning her J.D. degree at the University of Miami School of Law.  She is currently a summer judicial intern at the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal in West Palm Beach.  Natalie was awarded the Dean's Certificate of Achievement for Legal Research and Writing and won Best Oral Advocate of 250 first-year law students at the University of Miami.


Alex is a rising Fourth Year at the University of Virginia, where he attends the McIntire School of Commerce. Alex was one of only 54 students selected to live on the University’s prestigious Lawn in his final year at UVA. In addition, he is the 2008 recipient of the Sky Alland Scholarship Award, a full academic scholarship given to one McIntire student each year.


The Palm Beach community has been very welcoming to the Boyajians.  Having served more than 1000 individuals, they still take their commitment to be Town-serving gladly and seriously.  Emergencies are seen immediately and weekend services are provided when needed. 


Drs. Gregory and Jennifer Boyajian can be contacted at (561) 802-4424 or  Please visit them on the web at


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