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"I met Dr. Boyajian after winning my first title, Mrs. Broward County America, in 2000.  My new goal was to win the Mrs. Florida America title.  I always had a nice smile, but I wanted more when I smiled.  Dr. Boyajian understood what I wanted and how I wanted my teeth and smile to be improved.  I was honored to win Mrs. Florida America 2002.

This year I wanted to compete in the Mrs. Florida International pageant.  Even though I felt confident that I already had a beautiful smile, I really wanted it to be the best it could be.

After a very detailed consultation, Dr. Boyajian and his team worked tirelessly to deliver everything I had asked for.  All my thanks to them for all their hard work.  All of their efforts have given me the ultimate smile."

Donna Brown, Mrs. Florida International 2010, Mrs. Florida America 2002


"When I was young I had very soft teeth with many fillings.  Over the years and at different times, it became necessary to cap most of my teeth.  The teeth were saved, but with time my gums receded leaving an unsightly gap between the crowns and gums.

Dr. Boyajian made new crowns for all my teeth -- giving my smile a more youthful appearance, and giving me confidence and the best reason to smile more.  He is truly an artist and perfectionist, making sure that the final result looks completely natural.

In a subsequent oral emergency, Dr. Boyajian and his family went far and above the norm in making sure I received emergency attention at Mayo Clinic.  This is follow-up dental/medical care that you just don't expect to get from your dentist.  Dr. Boyajian and the entire Boyajian family is our first choice for dental care."


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