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During his college years in pursuit of his predental education, Greg Boyajian, was fortunate to use his dental laboratory skills to secure a part-time job in a local dental laboratory. Upon graduation with a B.S. degree in chemistry, he could not attend dental school to follow in his father’s footsteps. In 1975 West Virginia University was accepting only one out-of-state student from a qualified applicant pool of almost 600. It was impossible for him to compete.

After accepting the new reality, he decided to establish the Boyajian Dental Laboratory with the assistance of his brother, Ben, who went ahead to receive his Ph.D. in dental materials from the Department of Engineering at the University of Virginia. Ben subsequently established his own dental laboratory, Chemodent, in Charlottesville, Virginia.

From 1975 to 1984, Greg Boyajian and his wife, Jessica, devoted most of their time to their dental laboratory business. Hungry for knowledge they attended many dental conventions and enrolled in educational institutions. The laboratory became successful, serving more than 100 dentists in the Northeast. They continued to serve many clients throughout Greg’s dental education, dental practice, and even during Dr. Boyajian’s post-doctoral education period.

In 1996 the laboratory became private. “We downsized our operation so we could focus on our new practice in Palm Beach,” explains Dr. Boyajian. Now exclusively in-house, the Boyajian Dental Laboratory is dedicated to our practice only. We have refused to take dental laboratory work from other dentists so that we may concentrate in serving our patients. Jessica is currently operating the laboratory as a ceramist and technician.

The laboratory during the past 35 years has always kept up with the new technologies. Its futuristic quality approach was essential for the survival and the success of the laboratory. Always in search of improvement, Jessica reads the new literature and does not hesitate to give a new product a chance. It is our belief that we are all on a path of continuous improvement in every aspect of our professional and personal lives.

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