Dr. Gregory K. Boyajian

Dr. Gregory K. Boyajian

Gregory K. Boyajian

CDT, MDT, DDS, Prosthodontist

From a young age, Dr. Boyajian worked in both his father's and uncle's dental practices. He received his Bachelor's degree majoring in chemistry in 1975 from Salem College in West Virginia. Unable to attend dental school to follow in his father’s footsteps, he established Boyajian Dental Laboratory that year in Clarksburg, West Virginia with his wife, Jessica, and brother, Ben Boyajian, Ph.D. During the laboratory’s first ten years, it served over 100 dentists in the Northeast region of the United States, specializing in crowns, bridges, veneers, full-mouth reconstruction, and esthetic dentistry.

In 1984 upon encouragement from the Dean of Admissions, Dr. William Graham, for whom Dr. Boyajian has utmost respect and admiration, he was able to follow his dream and attend dental school. He graduated in 1988 from West Virginia University School of Dentistry. He was the first student to complete all his requirements in his class, after which he was given a teaching position at the University with the title, Clinical Instructor of Prosthodontics. He achieved many honors.

Upon graduation, Dr. Boyajian then founded his general dentistry practice, Dental Care Associates, in Clarksburg while continuing to manage the dental laboratory. In order to fulfill his educational ambition, he sacrificed a successful and lucrative practice at age 43 to become a student again, this time, at the University of Florida seeking specialty training in Prosthodontics (full-mouth reconstruction). In the three years that he spent at the University, he was very fortunate to add research to his background. He tested three new ceramic systems and presented his research to the American Academy of Dental Materials. Besides his research he clarified the classification of the dental ceramic field by adding a fourth category, “Ultra-low fusing” based on the new class of ceramics whose fusing temperature is below 850°C. His mentor and teacher, Dr. Kenneth J. Anusavice, DMD, Ph.D., Professor and Chairman of the Department of Dental Biomaterials, acknowledged the new classification and introduced it into the 10th Edition of Phillips’ Science of Dental Materials textbook giving credit to Dr. Boyajian for his contribution. During these three years at the University of Florida, Dr. Boyajian attended Dr. Peter E. Dawson’s seminars on occlusion. Impressed with Dr. Boyajian’s enthusiasm and devotion to dentistry, Dr. Dawson presented him with the latest copy of his book, Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Occlusal Problems in which he wrote,

 Greg – It is a pleasure to have you as a friend.

 Keep up your excellent work for our wonderful profession.

 With warm personal regards, Pete Dawson, Jan 21, 1993.

Dr. Boyajian’s interest in implant dentistry came at a very young age. After losing all his teeth, his father made himself multiple dentures in order to come up with the most comfortable set. “One day I will have implant dentistry in the States,” he told the young Gregory. “Meanwhile, if you become a dentist try to save your patient’s natural teeth. Even if there is one salvageable tooth, leave it.” This advice stuck with Dr. Boyajian throughout his career.

In the mid-70s while he was managing his dental laboratory, he wrote a letter to the American Association of Implant Dentistry seeking membership. At the time, not being a dentist, he thought he might not be accepted. Much to his surprise a very encouraging acceptance letter came to him saying, “Among other things, your interest alone justifies you to be a member.”

Part of the reason for attending a post-graduate program in prosthodontics  was his deep interest in implants. During his education he was very fortunate to meet Professor Brånemark, “the Father of Modern Implantology,” in 1994. The professor was the keynote speaker at the 9th annual meeting of the Academy of Osseointegration, a prestigious international scientific group.

Fortunately Dr. Boyajian was invited to the professor’s suite where he conducted an interview with Dr. Brånemark, later published in the Journal of Dental Technology. On a personal level, he asked the Professor this question: “Dr. Branemark, I hear your son is following in your footsteps in orthopedics. If you were to give him just one piece of advice, what would that be?” The professor answered, “I would tell him not to always go by the book. People are different. Treat them individually.”

Dr. Boyajian with Dr. Branemark

 Dr. Boyajian with Prof. Per-Ingvar Brånemark, "the Father of Modern Implantology"

After completing his post-graduate studies, Dr. Boyajian came to the Town of Palm Beach in 1997 and established his prosthodontic practice, serving the community honorably for over ten years now. His credentials put him in an excellent position to treat simple and complex dental-oral restorative conditions. “My patients entrust me with the awesome responsibility of restoring their dental health. I am aiming for lifelong success, a beautiful smile, comfortable function, and clear phonetics. Success of this magnitude does not come by accident. It must be thoroughly and carefully planned,” explains Dr. Boyajian.

Lifelong student, practitioner, laboratory technician, ceramist, teacher, researcher, publisher, and speaker – Dr. Boyajian maintains his humility and love for learning. In 1999 he enrolled in a one-year advanced education curriculum at the University of Florida Center for Dental Implants and in 2007 completed an 80-hour comprehensive implant course with his daughter, Jennifer.

On May 27, 2007 with wet eyes and complete gratitude to the Almighty, Dr. Boyajian was honored to hood his first child, Jennifer, at the graduation ceremony of the Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine where she received Highest Honors. She has now joined the family practice and is carrying the torch as the third generation.


 1995 Post-Doctoral Residency in Prosthodontics

University of Florida, College of Dentistry 

 1987  Doctor of Dental Surgery  West Virginia University, College of Dentistry
 1975  Bachelor of Science in Chemistry  Salem-Teikyo University

Professional Organizations:

American Dental Association

American College of Prosthodontics 

Academy of Osseointegration 

American Academy of     Implant Dentistry

American Academy of          Cosmetic Dentistry 

American Academy of               the History of Dentistry 

American Society of         Master Dental Technologists

National Association of Dental Laboratories (editorial board) 

West Virginia Dental Laboratory Association (president, 1983)

International Dental Federation

International College of Prosthodontics 

Academy of General Dentistry      (past member) 


Dr. John W. McLean and Dr. Boyajian

Dr. John W. McLean, a British authority on advanced dental ceramics, at one of Dr. Boyajian's presentations.  Dr. McLean's research is known worldwide and his contribution to cosmetic and restorative dentistry is unparalleled.

Publications and Presentations:

 1995 "Comprehensive Implant Dentistry: 30 Years after Osseointegration."  A full day of the 49th Meeting of the International Education Congress of Dental Technicians, NY.
 1995 "Solubility Characteristics of 'ULTRA' Low-Fusing Dental Ceramics."  American Academy of Dental Research, San Antonio, Texas.
 1994 "Comprehensive Implant Dentistry, The Technician Role and Responsibility."                    International Dental Education Congress of Dental Technology, Terrytown, NY.
 1994 "Solubility Characteristics of 'ULTRA' Low-Fusing Dental Ceramics."  American College of Prosthodontists Annual Meeting.  New Orleans, LA.
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 1992  "How to Successfully Establish and Manage a Crown and Bridge Restorative Practice in General Dentistry."  Morgantown, WV; Pittsburgh, PA; Virginia Beach, VA.
 1988 Main Speaker at the Annual American Society of Master Dental Technologists' Meeting.  Oakland Garden, NY.  Topics: Dicor: The Castable Glass Restoration, Dentist-Technician Relations, Denture-Partial Impressions. 

"Reflections on the State of Dental Laboratories: An Interview with Dr. Peter E. Dawson."  Trends and Techniques, Vol. II, No. 2, pg. 79.  Dentsply International, Inc.
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 1987 "DICOR: The Castable Glass System" W.V. Annual Meeting.  White Sulphur Springs, WV.
 1986 "Dentistry: Its Evolution and Birth."  WVU Whittlesey History of Medicine Society: 1st Prize Winner. 
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 1981 "For Successful Fixed Prosthodontics."  Clarksburg, WV. 
 1978 "The Science and Art of Fixed Prosthodontics," with Dr. Ben Boyajian.  Morgantown, WV.


Professional Training:


 2007 "Implants: A-Z."  Implant Seminars, Inc.  Arun K. Garg, DMD. 
 1994  Steri-Oss Implant System
 1994 Ha-Ti Implant System 
 1993  Branemark Implant System 
 1992 Dentsply/Core-Vent Surgical and Prosthetic Training Program of Dental Implant Instruction 
 1992 Dentsply/Core-Vent Division System of Osseointegrated Implants Laboratory Technician Training Program of Dental Implant Instruction 
 1992 CEREC Basic Study of CEREC Computer Generated Ceramic Restorations
 1985 Dentsply DICOR Castable Ceramic System Technique Course
 1978 Ceramco, Inc. Advanced Course in Ceramco Technique
 1977 Dentsply Trubyte Complete Denture Technique Course for Dental Technicians
 1976 Unitek Vita/VMK-68 and Vitadur S Course
 1974 Dentsply International Crown and Bridge Technique Course



 1988 Dentsply International Fixed Prosthodontics Merit Award 
 1988 The Academy of Operative Dentistry Award
 1988 The John W. Howard Dental History Award  
 1988 The Quintessence Book Award for Restorative Dentistry 
 1986 "Dentistry: Its Evolution and Birth."  WVU Whittlesey History of Medicine Society:       1st Prize Winner.
 1983 The American Biographical Institute - The Directory of Distinguished Americans 
 1980 Who's Who in the South and Southwest - Marquis Publications
 1978 Outstanding Young Man of America - Awarded by the United States Jaycees
 1977 Who's Who in the Dental Laboratory Industry - National Board for Certification of Dental Technicians


Activities and Interests:




Creative Writing 

History - General & Dental





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